July 2019: Selma Makela

Image: Precipice oil on canvas 2018

Selma Makela is based in County Galway.   Her practice references meteorological and geological phenomena as a means to explore the complexity of memory, migration and our changing environment.  Working in  paint, printmaking  and more recently site specific work, she explores the transitory and fleeting nature of a human timescale seen against the backdrop of the vastness of geological time lines. During her time on Inis Oirr she will continue her research on the complex relationship between human perceptions of time and deep time as measured by geological processes, exploring the geology of the Aran islands through drawing and painting.

Such time scales make a nonsense of most human behaviour and all human prejudices – especially that of nationalism …. The geographies over which we are so sucidally passionate are …fleeting passions of the earths face’”  Tim Robinson, Stones of Aran, Pilgrimage. 1986.

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