August 2019: Anna Macleod

August 2019: Anna Macleod

Anna Macleod is a visual Artist and Independent researcher based in County Leitrim. Her practice mediates complex ideas associated with contemporary, historical and cultural readings of land use through a variety of visual art media and sculptural processes. ‘Water Conversations’ is an evolving series of works, projects and exhibitions on water and climate change.

As a point of departure, Anna proposes to research the contemporary and historical mechanisms of water on Inis Oírr and build links with the resident island community through workshops, community walks and social encounters to explore ideas for water conservation structures and water saving techniques.

The ambition for the Water Conversations body of work is to tease out the commonalities of our human relationship to water as the essential essence for the continuation of life and, to explore community resilience at a time of rapid social change and environmental uncertainty.

This is a 2 part residency and Anna will return in Feb 2020

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