October 2019 – Toine Horvers

October 2019 – Toine Horvers

Toine Horvers’ work as an artist consists of performances and descriptive writings. His performative work deals with time and space and is strongly related to the disciplines of dance, music and sound poetry. The performances, often involving  other people, are strictly designed movement-sequences,  in which the physical and the vocal are inextricably linked.

Toine presents his works internationally in performances, exhibitions and workshops.

His descriptive (non-creative) writing plays a basic role in his works, spoken in performances, written in books.

Recently published: lying 2018 short descriptions of body positions after waking up, Chartres, one hour of sound in a Gothic cathedral 2013 and May, the sounds of birds in a dune valley at the head of the isle of Schouwen 2013.

To appear soon: Moving – Writing a collection of semi-documentary descriptions of his performative works since 1979.

Toine Horvers curated performance events such as Words Live and Music and Film, and from 2004 to 2014 programmed Sub Urban Video Lounge in Rotterdam.

He recently stayed in Istanbul and India in order to experience the relation between forms and procedures in ritual and ceremonial music, and in his own work as an artist.

These meetings resulted in an ongoing series of physical and vocal movement studies: Rotations and Spirals. 

Toine Horvers visited Ireland, and Inis Oírr, for the first time in 1971 and came back many times. He enjoyed a three month residency at Aras Eánna in 2003, a period that was concluded with the sound-installation Limestone with the voices of islanders.

Next to performance and writing, at the moment his work concentrates on ‘translating’ movements and situations by listening to the sounds of words in various languages. One of these words is wind, gaoth……

For his upcoming residency in October Toine has no special plans yet. He prefers to leave it all open and looks forward to a renewed meeting between him as an older artist and the place that has always been a great inspiration to him.

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