May 2019: Kate Boschetti & Liam Wilson, “Place & Identity”

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May 2019: Kate Boschetti & Liam Wilson, “Place & Identity”

Kate Boschetti (Italy) & Liam Wilson (Scotland) Place and Identity:

In Association with ISACS Network  and Galway 2020.

Contemporary jugglers Kate Boschetti and Liam Wilson met through the project Dodai, a juggling, dance and theatre experiment directed by the German juggler Stefan Sing (Critical Mess).

Kate graduated from Parentucelli Scientific High school in Sarzana, and attended at FLIC Circus School in Turin and Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Bruxelles. She took part through some creations of Giacomo Costantini (Dall’Alto), Martin Palisse (Entre Ciel & Terre) and Gandini Juggling (Meta; Clowns & Queens; 8 Songs). She teaches recreational and educational circus at facciamoCIRCO association, and is a member of the organisation of the Italian National Circus School meeting in Sarzana.

Liam taught himself to juggle, while graduating from Edinburgh University with an MA in linguistics and a Masters degree in Ecological Economics. He played a solo street show at many major festivals including Pflasterspektakel, Linz, Festival artisti di strada Ascona and Lenzburger Gauklerfestival.

About the residency

Kate and Liam will live and immerse themselves entirely on the island for the month of May, creating a site responsive, fresh piece of work for and with the island and its people.

Their first showing of this work-in-progress will happen on Thursday the 23rd May, at 3pm, in a location between the harbour and Tobar Éanna.

Together they strive to be responsive to everything in their environment, allowing their quality of movement to react to ever-changing situations and human relations. The potential of their outdoor creation will rely on inspiration and interaction. Based on conversation and communication, their approach to juggling and performance will give street arts and circus the role of facilitators of discussion; illustrators of possibilities; explorers and reporters of cultural climates; and ultimately catalysts for social and political change.

This work on the island will be documented by the Italian filmmaker Adalberto Lombardo, who will record their activities day by day. As part of their project, this material will remain a video diary of the process, but also could have a long term resonance and significance to Inis Oírr.